View Full Version : XXX.com Domain Name Soon Up for Sale, or Reserve Now for Only $7,000,000

09-30-2010, 03:15 AM
Unless someone matches the reserve price of $7,000,000 by August 18th, the thought-provoking (and hopefully money making) three letter domain name ‘XXX.com’ will go up for sale at the DomainFest New York City auction.

Xxx Bari from Moniker has been posting information about this sale and the ‘XXX.com’ domain name. According to her, in April 2010 ‘XXX.com’ received 1,510,670 visits and in May 2010 it saw 1,513,457. Moreover, the press coverage surrounding the announcement that the .xxx top level domain (TLD) extension will be available has had a stunningly positive impact on the value of ‘XXX.com’, “traffic has more than doubled to 120K uniques per day and revenue has doubled since the announcement of the .xxx extension becoming available.” This dramatic increase in traffic is surprising given that xxx.com is only displaying a parking page (although it being a parked page likely explains why there are so many ‘unique’, and thus not repeat, visits per day).

Speaking of the approval of the .XXX TLD, Elliot postulates that there will be over 100,000 .XXX domain names purchased in the first year of availability and that this may further drive up traffic to ‘XXX.com’ via Web-user typos.

It would be interesting to find out who currently own ‘XXX.com’. However, the WhoIs registrant information for ‘XXX.com’ is hidden behind a privacy protector; the only contact info for the ‘XXX.com’ domain displays the registrant as Contactprivacy.com… disappointing.

Sumber: _http://tcattorney.typepad.com/domainnamedispute/2010/07/xxxcom-domain-name-soon-up-for-sale-or-reserve-now-for-only-7000000.html

ada yang tertarik?? :D kira2 kalo member sini buat urunan buat beli domain ini, per orangnya kena brapa ya??

09-30-2010, 03:41 AM
wow sadis bnr, semoga jadi gaji /bulan ane angka segitu...