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Discussion in '' started by nk mi, Jul 15, 2017. Lelang Coming Soon
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    Jul 15, 2017
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    our skin and we need vitamin D for immune system for our bones for a lot of different things for our health and so we make vitamin D and we make more of it and Thesummer months when we're exposed to TheSun and Allurifi Revitalizing n we our body stores it up over Thewinter months so that's where Thereasons why is it's so good to get some sun exposure so you can get your vitamin D stores built up but you don't nee actually need a lot of sun exposure to get Thevitamin D and here's Thething about vitamin D I think it's really good to get your vitamin D levels tested you when you go get your blood work done next to me goes Venorex Cream to your doctor just ask Allurifi Revitalizing m to add this lab test on to your lab work it's called a hydroxy vitamin D and Thedoctor can add that on and know you'll know what your vitamin D levels are now here's TheoAllurifi Revitalizing r thing about that is you want your levels to be sort of mid-range or on Theupper end of Thevid normal range because if it's in Thelow normal side that still means you're going to be a little too low or more for what I like to see for an OP for optimal health Lelang Coming Soon Lelang Coming Soon

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