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Optiads.org - Probably the Best Ad Network in the World

Discussion in 'Program PPC Lainnya' started by Florin17, Mar 4, 2020.

  1. Florin17

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    Apr 21, 2017
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    Optiads is a native ad network that help publishers and advertisers to get the best results.
    Our features for publishers:
    - Ads that match your content
    - In-page notifications
    - Real-time reporting
    - Dedicated account manager
    - 100% fill rate
    - Minimum withdraw amount of $10.00 USD via PayPal or $500.00 USD via Wire transfer
    - Withdraw requests are processed within the 10 business days
    - Affiliate Program : The commission is 10% of the withdraw amount.

    Our features for advertisers:
    - Real time bidding system
    - Real time reports
    - Advanced targeting
    - Your ads will not be shown in anything but a real website page
    - We choose to block the display of our ads to proxies and VPNs
    - Dedicated account manager
    - Minimum deposit of $50.00

    If you want to sign up or for other details regarding our platform please visit our website: https://optiads.org

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