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The Dowser Keyword Research Software Free Edition

Discussion in 'Freebies' started by gl0ucester, Apr 23, 2007. Lelang Coming Soon
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    Jul 14, 2006
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    TheDowser Keyword Research and Management Software Is One of The Most Powerful Keyword Research and Management Tools in Existence Today.

    Now you can instantly locate thousands of profitable keywords and drive targeted visitors to your website - with just a few mouse-clicks!

    No more messing around with several different keyword research tools or visiting different websites for your keyword research.

    EVERYTHING you need to research keywords and manage your keyword lists and sub-lists is provided within one application - TheDowser Keyword Research and Management Software.

    For pay-per-click marketers, TheDowser Professional will help you discover high-value yet low-cost keywords for your pay-per-click campaigns. You can easily analyze top ten bid prices for each keyword from Overture and Enhance - so you can determine the “optimal” price you should pay for each keyword and reduce your overall pay-per-click advertising costs.

    TheDowser - Free Edition, does not require any form of registration to install or function. Nor are there time or date delay pop-ups or nag-screens whatsoever.

    TheDowser – Free Edition is NOT a trial software! It is a fully-functioning keyword research software that never expires. Lelang Coming Soon Lelang Coming Soon

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