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Alasan Pertama Mengapa Iklan Promosi Anda Gagal

Discussion in 'Google AdWords' started by newbiefans, Mar 4, 2018.

  1. newbiefans

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    Sep 5, 2009
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    Aslinya sih cuma mau share link,

    Jadi ceritanya, disini dibilang, kalau pun mau promosi baik itu facebook, instagram, adwords (search either display network) kita mesti tau bagaimana audience kita.. Lebih bagus kalau kalau sasaran iklan adalah orang yang pernah engage (eksis customer)...

    Tapi ada yang menarik dari komennya...

    There's no reason to fail, follow this protocol:

    • Set up Google Adwords (great for beginners and even DIY)
    • Select the right keywords,start with just 5. Do NOT pick more. (this is not rocket science, pick keywords identical to your product/service)
    • SEO the heck out of the landing page. Have every possible SEO element there.
    • Write an Ad with a call to action. Again... with a call to action. Don't just describe what you have.
    • Don't publish anything just yet.
    • Go back to Adwords and set up a RE-MARKETING CAMPAIGN for the conversion page only. (The page that people will click on once interested)
    • Set up specific rules in the re-marketing campaign to filter out junk traffic
    • By now, you'll know more about your product and services.
    • Log into Adwords Search, select the new campaign, and start adding as many "negative keywords" as possible to filter out irrelevant searches.
    • Notice, you have not launched the advertising campaign yet.
    • Sleep on it. Don't rush in.
    • Add more negative keywords.
    • Launch search campaign.
    • Launch re-marketing campaign.
    • After 3-7 days, depending on volume of clicks (we use 500 minimum), look into what terms led people to click on ads. Add negative keywords based on those searches.
    • Look into your re-marketing performance. In just one week you'll have a good idea about your audience.
    • Once you attain at least 5% CTR on your main keywords campaign set up the next campaign. It is a little bit longer than your standard "shotgun" approach. But you will save a ton of hours down the road.
    I promise if you follow this protocol you will have very successful search AND display ads.

    Lengkapnya bisa baca disini

    Semoga berguna​
  2. ayankcell

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    Feb 13, 2012
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    Tangerang Selatan
    KebetulN ane lagi DIY belajar iklan-iklan :). Tks gan

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  3. amrimf

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    Jul 4, 2009
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    Sokaraja, Banyumas
    ke tekape gan

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