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Focus on your ROI and not your SEO or CTR if you want to be successful

Discussion in 'SEO Tips' started by WiliAdele, Apr 27, 2018.

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    Apr 23, 2018
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    When it comes to marketing, you're essentially getting the word out there about your business or website in order to make money. If you're not trying to make money with your business or website, then this discussion may not be for you, but if you're like the majority of people you're trying to make money online and that means you need to focus on your ROI.

    ROI stands for "Return on Investment" and essentially is a number that shows you how much money you've made so far after investing a bit of your own funds. If you have a 100% ROI, then you made back just as much as you put in, meaning you've broke even and didn't really profit anything. This isn't always a bad thing because you've done plenty of work in order to make your money back, which a lot of people don't actually see right away after they invest. If you're getting a 20% ROI each month, that means you'll break even after just 5 months and everything after that is pure profit! Sure, you'll see success stories where someone puts in $100 and makes $5,000+ in a short amount of time, getting them a 4,900% ROI, but you can't chase success stories like that because those people have failed plenty of times when they chased other statistics like CTR and other things like SEO and rankings.

    Yes, you can make money without investing money into SEO or PPC, but you likely won't see much coming in because the people who are profiting without doing these things have already done all the legwork. This means you'll need to run advertising campaigns and tweak everything before it starts to work out, and you might actually be looking at the wrong stats within your Adwords or BingAds dashboard.

    What you'll want to focus on actually isn't on your dashboard, it's in your own tracking and statistics, it's your ROI and only you will be able to calculate it exactly! Sure, you will see a click-through rate, relevancy, where you're ranked for a keyword, and various other things but none of those are telling you which methods are actually making you money. There have been countless times when I've set up a PPC campaign that I thought was going to make me a lot of money, and it ended up flopping and I lost my investment. On the other hand, I've set up quick campaigns and had a low CTR as well as didn't see much in terms of natural rankings, but those ended up being the campaigns that made me the most money. They made more money because they actually ranked for low traffic keywords that were being searched by big fish, and my hook was there to catch them when they hit enter and landed on the search results [​IMG]

    Don't get me wrong, click through rates and search engine optimization are both great things, but they're nothing if you're not making any money. You may actually miss some golden nuggets because they don't fit your CTR criteria, and you delete the ad or keywords you're targeting, essentially removing an amazing profit stream from your business. You need to track everything, use specific URLs for ads/keywords, and be 1,000% sure where your profits are coming from. You can brag about your 500 clicks on a single ad within an hour, but I'll brag about my 10 clicks and $500 profit [​IMG] Bigger numbers don't always mean better results, so be sure to pull apart your campaigns and know exactly what is making you money in the end.
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