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My method to quickly earn $100 per month with AdSense

Discussion in 'Artikel Pilihan' started by mauibr5, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. mauibr5

    mauibr5 AdSense Starter

    Jun 1, 2011
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    artikelnya bukan saya yang nulis, ane dapet hasil dari googling . dan menurut saya ini bagus banget buat yang baru2 maen adsense. recommended article lah

    sumber : http://blog-money-wiki.com/blog/2011/08/my-method-to-quickly-earn-100-per-month-with-adsense.php

    Hello, finally I'm getting a small feeling of motivation in order to explain the method to move quickly to the next level assuming that you're still stuck at the level where you still don't get an AdSense payment every month.
    Getting paid every month by AdSense is EASY, very EASY.. But there are also a lot of ways to not get paid every month even if you're "working" hard to get there..
    To receive a payment by AdSense at the end of next month you need to have earned $100 during the current month. $100 a month is roughly $3.3 per day. Assuming you have a CTR of 5% and an average CPC of $0.1 you need about 30 clicks or 600 ad impressions which is about 400 unique visitors per day (I'm simplifying a lot because it doesn't matter)
    So anyway, you see that getting 30 clicks on your pages every day is very easy, but at two conditions, you have to get the required traffic to your pages and so you need content that will attract people to your pages and secondly you need a correct ad placement so the CTR will easily reach 5%.
    So to make things very simple I'm not going to explain everything about the thinking, because I have already talked about it before in my blog and also because it doesn't matter I should get started with explaining my sure method to achieve this simple goal for every months to come.
    You have to know that it will mean "working" every day for 4 weeks, but maybe just one hour a day. Can you do it really? If not, stop reading honestly you'll never earn anything, continue what you're doing it's perfect.
    So from now on I'll only describe my method and not say why, if you have questions post them in the comments, and also perhaps one day I'll take my method description again and paste it into a new blog post with more details about the why and how this works...
    What you need:
    - some place to post your content, preferably your own web property (I mean a proper domain name and webhosting, with a CMS installed such as Drupal or WordPress) but if you don't have that you can use my website ( http://www.best-reviewer.com ) or blogger, but that is weak and you should be ashamed of yourself. The best advise I can give you is to buy yourself a proper web hosting at Dreamhost ($8.95 per month) which comes with a free domain name, after on the same account you can have more sites with their domain name and you don't pay more (except for the domain name itself, $9.95 per year if you buy it at Dreamhost).. If you don't yet have a web hosting and are not dumb and want to follow my advise then you can use the promo code JAMESCOLIN (when they ask for it on the order form) that will give you $50 off your order. So in fact you're not paying $8.95 per month..
    - know the basics of Google Insights: http://www.google.com/insights/search/#
    - install Google Analytics on your site (that's why it's best to have your own proper web hosting, but you can still put it on some places such as blogger, but some don't allow that, bummer!) here's the url for Google Analytics: http://www.google.com/analytics/
    So, in Google Insights you have several categories:
    Arts & Humanities
    Beauty & Personal Care
    Computers & Electronics
    Finance & Insurance
    Food & Drink
    Home & Garden
    News & Current Events
    Photo & Video
    Real Estate
    Social Networks & Online Communities
    That's 27 categories, it's handy because my method takes 4 weeks to complete, so that's 28 days, you guessed it, 1 category a day and one day for something else that will involve using Google Analytics, I'll tell you at the end. You can repeat my method every month if you want, but you don't need to, doing my method one time will allow you to receive minimum $100 every month from AdSense, but if you do it again then that will be $200 per month minimum until you die or remove the pages totally from the internet.
    So the method is quite simple, I take the category SPORTS as an example and from that example you'll have to use your brain a little bit, it's the same for all categories, remember you'll do one category per day.
    So you go to Google Insights and you don't put anything in Search terms input box, you let it empty, on the right you have 4 dropdown lists which default at:
    Web Search
    2004 - present
    All Categories
    Change it so it looks like:
    Web Search
    United States
    Last 12 months
    press the button Search on the right. OK, on the next page, scroll down to the bottom of the page and look at the two lists "Top searches" and "Rising searches"..
    For the purpose of this demonstration I'll show you what I get at this moment, it will surely be different when you'll do it yourself, because it will be in the future compared to me (duh!) so:
    Top searches
    1. football
    2. basketball
    3. nfl
    4. golf
    5. sports
    6. baseball
    7. nba
    8. soccer
    9. espn
    10. club
    Rising searches
    1. super bowl 2011
    2. fb
    3. packers
    4. bulls
    5. giants
    6. steelers
    7. nba
    8. super bowl
    9. twitter
    10. cricket
    The goal will be to choose 1 keyword from each list, so make sure you use your brain and show some creativity here.. First rule to help you, if one keyword is present in both searches, pick this one as the first keyword, so here we see that NBA is in both lists, so I take NBA, then for the second one I would also take another word present in both lists but there is none, so I'm free to choose anyone of the keywords in the two lists, of course you want to choose one nearest to the top of the lists. So I'm making a choice now, I'll pick FOOTBALL.
    So now I write down NBA & FOOTBALL that's my first couple.
    Now you go back to the top of the page and repeat this process by changing only the period/date, instead of Last 12 months you do it with Last 90 days, you pick one keyword in each list and once more with Last 30 days.
    Don't take the same couple of keywords, that is now you have 3 couples of keywords, in my case:
    Last 12 months: NBA & FOOTBALL
    Last 90 days: GOLF & PGA
    Now, go back to Google Insights again and this time you'll enter something in the search terms. You can put up to 5 search terms, sometimes with 3 couples of keywords you'll have 6 different keywords, but sometimes like in my case you have less, so I can save a few seconds by doing it all in one time and input my five keywords in the Search times input boxes:
    And then set the dropdown lists as follow:
    Web Search
    United States
    2004 - present
    Press Search button and scroll down to the bottom of the page..
    Now you need to listen and understand, for each keyword you'll do the same as before, pick two keywords (often they are keyphrases, that is 2 words or more, but there can also be single word keywords) one from each list, if some keywords are in both lists, pick those. If there are numbers in the keyphrases, pretend they don't exist, that is for instance for NBA I get "2010 NBA DRAFT" if I pick this keyphrase I will consider only NBA DRAFT without the year, that's what I mean by using your brain a little..
    So I do this process and here are my results:
    So, now we're done with the keyword research, really.. here comes the "hard part" of my method, yes you have to create 3 pages on your site, you can't copy & paste and if you know nothing about the keywords then you'll have to do a little research to at least understand what the acronyms mean.
    Write 500 characters minimum (that's characters not words) piece of text about those topics, here's how:
    Come up with a title which include the couple of keywords, then write a text by using the 4 keywords per couple as well as the couple of keywords. Short example for my first couple of keywords:

    TITLE: Is football better than NBA for TV?
    TEXT: I watch a lot of sport on TV and yesterday I found myself asking an old buddy of mine: "what do you prefer watching? Football or NBA?"
    He then came up with an interesting theory, that college football was far more superior to any ESPN match on TV because of the length of the number of players and the action.. The fact that those NBA Draft guys are so tall and the court so small make for too heavy TV action with wide angle and zooms, it gives him headaches. Instead the football schedule is very easygoing, well he ended his theory rather confusingly and we then talked about something else..
    What do you think guys? Do you prefer to watch NBA or Football on your big screen TV?

    OK, I just came up with this text without any effort, I know absolutely nothing about basketball and football, I didn't do any research, but you should, I still don't know what means ESPN, I suppose it is an organisation, and I'm not an english native speaker, so it shows a lot I'm sure, but what do I care seriously, all my keywords are inside and it's good to go if I'm really lazy, if not for a real website I would make a little more effort, look, the same text with keywords in bold:

    lanjutan dibawah
  2. mauibr5

    mauibr5 AdSense Starter

    Jun 1, 2011
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    TITLE: Is football better than NBA for TV?
    TEXT: I watch a lot of sport on TV and yesterday I found myself asking an old buddy of mine: "what do you prefer watching? Football or NBA?"
    He then came up with an interesting theory, that college football was far more superior to any ESPN match on TV because of the length of the number of players and the action.. The fact that those NBA draft guys are so tall and the court so small make for too heavy TV action with wide angle and zooms, it gives him headaches. Instead the football schedule is very easy-going, well he ended his theory rather confusingly and we then talked about something else..
    What do you think guys? Do you prefer to watch NBA or Football on your big screen TV?

    Now, you do this work three times and you're done for the day.. You can do more, and in this case you can choose more couples or more keywords per couple, but don't burn all your energy, it's better to do 3 pages a day for 4 weeks rather than doing 10 pages per day for 3 days and then stop before finishing all the categories. Plus by doing only 3 pages a day, you can allow yourself to write more text per page, more is better. My small text is not enough, I don't know how many characters it has, maybe 500, but 500 is really a minimum and you should know that the more there is the better, simply make up a story and find an angle to talk about the topic that Google Insights gave you for today's category.
    I hope by this time you have completely understood what is your daily work, if not then you seriously need to write in the comment box below and ask a clear and precise question so I can help you understand..

    I recommend you set up your site, the categories, and when you're ready you star with the first category Arts & Humanities and write your 3 pages and put them in the Arts & Humanities category of your site. Then share those 3 pages on social media, at minimum you should have a facebook, google plus and twitter account and like/+1/tweet each one of your 3 pages. If you have time left you can digg/stumbleupon/delicious/reddit/etc.
    Don't do anything more, don't comment spam or forum spam. No! Just rest, enjoy what is left of your day and wait for tomorrow and start the Automotives category..
    Can you do that for 27 days straight? Then what do you do with the 28th day? Easy you open your Google Analytics account and look at the search engine referrers. You want to know what search queries your visitors used on Google in order to come to your site. Granted most of the queries will be for pages that you've done earlier, you might not see queries for the pages you've posted on the 25th, 26th or 27th day, but it doesn't matter, just look at those queries and then take 3 amongst the top 10 queries and create one page for each one with the title having the exact query and the text being an explanation, or anything else, here again you can be creative, repeat that query several times in your text..
    You're done!
    Look at your adsense account and tell me you're not SO HAPPY, I dare you! :)
    You can then take some rest, relax, enjoy, and maybe start another 4 weeks round to increase your daily earnings even more, by that time honestly it will have already become an habit and the daily chore won't feel so difficult. You may even like it, you masochist! Also you can admit that by now you've learned many little different things that you didn't know before, so you can write better texts in the next round with more ease than on the first round.
    Honestly, I don't believe anyone reading this will have the balls, faith, motivation, whatever you want to call it, to actually apply my method.. But if you've done it, please comment and give me your results and a link to your site where you have posted all your pages. There should be a minimum of 28 * 3 = 84 pages optimized for popular keywords in 27 categories. If you don't have that, don't bother writing in the comments, I don't want to hear about you. Really.

    sekali lagi, menurut ane ini berguna dan bagus banget gan artikelnya, kalo yang baru mulai ngadsense dan masih bingung ini tulisan sangat saya rekomendasikan, dan kalo yang udah punya teknik sendiri , fokus aja ke teknik agan dulu. nanti malah jadi bingung hehehe

    good luck !
  3. noviku10

    noviku10 Super Hero

    Nov 28, 2010
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    Kota Baja - Cilegon Banten | Akur Sedulur Jujur Ad
    Mantap bos, newbie ikut nyimak :D
  4. Ahmads

    Ahmads Super Hero

    Sep 4, 2009
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    Ada yg v lokal ny ga master? Btw makasi dah berbagi :D
  5. anisku11

    anisku11 Super Hero

    Jun 28, 2011
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    ,mantab nih masBro
    baca2 ma dipahami dLu ah
    ,cucunya newbie ijin nyimak
  6. Schwarzkophf

    Schwarzkophf Super Hero

    Nov 13, 2008
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    Buseeng ...
    serasa ebook :hmm:

    tapi thanks dah, ditelaah satu2 :semangat!:
  7. mauibr5

    mauibr5 AdSense Starter

    Jun 1, 2011
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    ane yang nubi mastah
    ga ada masta, kalau niat mau pake cara ini, pahamin aja artikel ini
    good luck mastah
    good luck gan!

    ---------- Post added at 01:04 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:02 PM ----------

    ini cara juga ngga basi2 banget , soalnya artikel ini dipublish tanggal 30 agustus alias kemarin.

    good luck yah buat yang mau coba cara ini
  8. holmesindo

    holmesindo AdSense Pro

    Aug 3, 2011
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    Ninggalin jejak dulu hehehe:D
  9. ♥yubi♥

    ♥yubi♥ Super Hero

    Jun 26, 2009
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    Klaten, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia, Indonesia
    Bookmark dulu gan, msih pke hp
  10. danzlounge

    danzlounge AdSense Starter

    Jun 20, 2010
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    subscipt ah bir kga ilang
  11. littlethinker

    littlethinker Super Hero

    Nov 7, 2010
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    izin ninggalin jejak dlu bro...lwt hp soalx
  12. eserzone

    eserzone AdSense Fan

    Oct 26, 2010
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    Ngga ngerti english bos.. udah coba transfer lewat GT tapi masih bingung... ada yang bisa menjelaskan menggunakan bahasa Indonesia??????????
  13. tigis

    tigis Super Hero

    Dec 7, 2010
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    Batang - >> Limpung
    tips yang menarik dan bagus sayang bahasa inggris :D
  14. KaoRi

    KaoRi IGSeven

    Mar 8, 2009
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    musti di baca pelan-pelan sambil di translate baru bisa ngerti
  15. saladflorida

    saladflorida Super Hero

    Sep 1, 2010
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    bagus nih om buat nubi kaya saya, like penceted
  16. alkirmany

    alkirmany AdSense Fan

    Aug 21, 2010
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    Matursuwun Mas sharingnya... :D

    Semoga aja bisa tercapai dapat gajian dari si Mbah Google tiap bulan... Amin..
  17. rianum

    rianum New Comer

    Sep 6, 2011
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    nice share :)
  18. Prast Putra

    Prast Putra AdSense Pro

    May 1, 2011
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    Antara Sindoro dan Sumbing
    Manztab, btw ada yag mo ntransletin ga'? agak males baca
  19. Mazz TM

    Mazz TM Super Hero

    Feb 14, 2011
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    Magelang-Semarang (PP)
    Secara gari besar ini yang ane dapet...
    Riset Keyword dengan google insight...
    Set amerika serikat, 12 month, pilih kategori, dan kosongi search...
    Lihat 10 top dan 10 rising... Dia pilih NBA karena emang ada di dua hal tersebut...
    Lakukan dengan time yang berbeda...
    Nanti dapet sekitar 5 keyword....
    Riset Keyword selesai....

    Bikin artikel... Ini yang paling sulit menurut dia (menurut ane juga)...
    Bikin 500 karakter (bukan 500 kata)...
    Buat 3 artikel per day dan per kategori.. (kayaknya dia gak main niche)
    Disitu ada 27 category berarti ada 27 hari...
    Jika udah selesai share ke fb, twitter, g+, kalo sempet digg, dll....
    Jangan spam komen, forum spam....

    Besok lakuin sampe 27 hari...
    Di hari ke 27 nanti ada queris yang muncul di analytics...
    Gak usah riset keyword lagi...
    Coba cek akun adsense...

  20. bangzenk

    bangzenk Super Hero

    Dec 24, 2007
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    ide lama lom pernah dipraktekin, dasar si bangzenk pemalas :tampar:

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